Print Artwork Requirements

*Please contact us to make sure you download the correct template 

File Submission:

  1. Please submit a high resolution (press quality) PDF.
  2. We advise you also send the original software file in case of errors. If your files are too large to email, you can upload them via a site like WeTransfer or Dropbox. You can signup for a free Dropbox account here
  3. Please post your master disc to PO Box 3735, South Brisbane, 4101 or send us a DDP file or ISO file. We cannot accept individual WAV files.

Use of Template: Contact us to get the correct template. When submitting final art DO NOT flatten the template. Keep the template layer SEPARATE from the artwork layer.

Bleed: All paper parts must have 3mm – 5mm bleed.

Safe Zone: Don’t place text or important images closer than 3mm to the cutting line.

Colour Mode: Use CMYK colour mode (not RGB).

Resolution: Use at least 300dpi (dots point per inch).

Fonts: All fonts must be curved/outlined/rasterized/embedded.

Sizing: The recommended minimum font size is 6pt. Positive ; 7pt. reversed.

Recommended minimum line width is 0.6pt.

Optional Extras

White/Silver Disc: By default, a white-base is applied to disc before printing. For a silver base instead, submit a 2nd file indicating where you DON’T want silver base.

100% Recycled: is more absorbent which can make colours duller. So if using 100% recycled, make colours brighter. Also don’t use too much fine detail (e.g. tiny fonts).

Stickers, Spot UV etc:  If you require Spot UV or stickers, please include a 2nd file indicating in black the exact size/shape where the effect is to be applied.

Graphic Design Partners

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