We provide quality Vinyl pressing and CD printing with a focus on sustainability

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Greening the Music Industry has a powerful effect, since it’s a cultural leader with access to the ears of the public.

Austep Music began with a mission to switch the industry to cardboard CD packaging.

“CDs are the 2nd biggest polluter in our industry… but using cardboard cases instead of plastic reduces pollution by 95%”

We now provide a wide range of eco printing solutions, from bamboo USB sticks to recycled paper posters.

Taking it a step further, we offer 80% recycled stock free for all our CD packaging, we run a carbon neutral business, we plant a native tree for every job printed, & purchase further carbon credits through a gold standard accredited company who donates efficient cook stoves to Kenyan families.

Most printers offer eco ‘options’, but how many run an eco business? We do. And because we don’t see the environment as a ‘extra’, we don’t charge extra.

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Leading by Example

We maximise energy efficiency in our office and buy 100% green power, limit and recycle waste, print with vegetable-based ink on recycled stock, and minimise the creation of packaging/promotional material.

We limit travel, use public transport, carpool and utilise teleconferencing.

Emissions that can’t be avoided are offset by accredited organisations who plant native trees for land regeneration, protect old growth forest, and invest in the development of renewable energy.

We run a carbon neutral business, by limiting our emissions, monitoring them through carbon accounting software, and offsetting anything we can’t eliminate.

We donate a portion of our profits to The Wilderness Society.

With our CD duplication services we can print as few as 50 CDs in cardboard CD sleeves or cardboard CD wallets, so you don’t have to print more than you need.

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Raising Awareness and Engaging the Industry

A founding member of Green Music Australia, we encourage working together and collaborate with key industry figures.

We encourage the development of industry capacity by actively influencing our printing and CD replication suppliers to go green and provide more sustainable options.

We even built a solar oven out of old CDs to get people thinking about diverting waste streams, and cooking with the sun. It bakes at 150°C!

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Eliminating the Use of Plastic CD Cases

We offer a range of affordable cardboard CD packaging options (95% less emissions than plastic).

Taking it a step further, all our CD cases are printed with 80% recycled stock and vegetable-based ink at no extra cost to our clients.

We provide discounted card CD packaging rates to any industry figures who have regular demand for plastic jewel cases and wish to switch to card. Contact us for more info.

We also plant a native tree for each job we print which makes most of our jobs not only carbon neutral but carbon negative.

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As well as CD printing, our sister company www.austeplighting.com.au provides high quality LED Lighting solutions for venues, offices and studios. 

“The arts and creative industries are ideally placed to lead on environmental sustainability; with creativity and inspiration they can champion a greener economy” Julie’s Bicycle