CD Solar Oven

An oven powered by the sun, and made from CDs. It works!

Solar Ovens

Ever noticed how hot a car sitting in the sun gets? Now imagine if you surrounded it by mirrors to double the amount of sun hitting it. That’s the idea behind solar ovens, an amazing but simple technology which is greatly under-utilised.

Diverting Landfill

In order to extend the lifecycle of CDs, or at least get people thinking about ways to find uses for so called ‘waste’, we decided to make a solar oven powered by CDs. And it worked! So far we’ve reached 150°C. We baked potatoes, and even a cake. Next we might find an old satellite dish and build a death ray.

If you have lots of old CDs, why not try making your own solar oven? Alternatively you can buy a professional solar oven which comes with a thermometer and is completely portable, a worthy investment, especially for camping.

Even if you don’t make a CD oven, you can take old CDs to a recycler who will extract and recycle the polycarbonate (plastic) and aluminium. Search for your nearest CD recycling centre here: