Written by Austep Music, 2010


“(Greening the music industry) has definitely accelerated. It’s really amazing in the last three years where this has come. When we were trying to make this happen ten years ago, it was a pretty tough sell. Five years ago, it was starting to turn the corner, and now it’s just amazing… (and) if music can get kids to wear their pants around their ankles, it can get them to clean up their lifestyles.” Neal Turley, Sustainable Waves

Our rapid destruction of the environment is not only putting our futures at risk but having real consequences right now. Environmental issues affect the whole world; not only the natural but our social and economic environments too. The earth is where we came from and what sustains us. Without it we cease to exist. And so does our ability to create and appreciate the beauty of music.

While the music industry may not be the worst offender, change should be undertaken in all industries. Our industry is not exempt. And with rapid developments in technology and increased awareness, the whole world is starting to wake up.

The music industry is in a unique position of power: the power to influence culture and spread information. It could also be said that musicians are more likely to be eco-conscious than the “average Joe”.

“Unlike any other industry sector in the country, the Australian music community is in an extremely unique and powerful position to engage with and influence a broad cross-section of the Australian public to make the necessary changes to slow the effects of climate change.” Mat Morris, Sound Emissions.



“Science and technology are in a place now for the world to go through a major overhaul. What’s lacking is a change of culture… What I think the music community can do more than anybody else is inform people, act as a catalyst.” Perry Farrell

“Climate scientists, struggling to communicate the dangers of complacency, are calling on the arts community to help out.” Julie’s Bicycle

Musicians have great influence over the masses. As trendsetters who influence culture (primarily youth, the decision makers of tomorrow), musicians lead by example.

As a collective, musicians have one of the most powerful voices on earth, and access to the ears of the global public. Music crosses all borders and boundaries.

Music also has the power to shift perceptions of climate change from a purely scientific view, to emotional understanding, and thus action.

As a creative sector leader in the digital market, green digital solutions developed by music industry will affect the entire digital culture.


Written by Austep Music, 2010


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