Daniel Fournier Mastering Engineer

Daniel Fournier

A Tonmeister (someone who has detailed theoretical & practical knowledge of virtually all aspects of sound recording) from the University of Surrey (UK) Daniel Fournier came to Australia from France to take up the position of Music Technology Convener and Senior Lecturer in Music Technology from 1983 until 1999 at the QLD Conservatorium of Music.

In 1991 Daniel, created the Digital Archives Network. D.A.N. set out to offer a variety of audio services from recording, engineering, editing and compiling through to producing, pre-mastering, mastering, duplicating and archiving.

With vast experience in acoustics, audio engineering techniques, hardware, recording, computer science, mathematics, software, physiques and Sonology, Daniel has over 25 years of experience. He offers musical and technical expertise, well trained ears and in his words, “a faithful documentation of the sounds conceived by artists”.

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