Elixian Interview

Elixian is a Brisbane based band who play alternative prog-rock with a touch of grunge. You can find them on our latest release “Next Step Music Queensland Compilation”.


Where did your band name come from?
We had a shortlist of names we’d been throwing around and Elixian was mentioned but no one really liked it. Over time it grew on us all

Who’s in the band?
Gundy Will – Vocals
Joe Okay – Guitar
Kiwi Roy – Guitar
AD – Bass
Ben K – Drums

How did you meet and when did you get together?
Joe and I bumped into each other at a festival in Brisbane about a year or 2 ago. We chatted about some ideas we had and how awesome it would be, to be the guys up on stage again . Ben K is a long term mate of AD’s, and Will and Roy are Newcomers to Elixian

What is your creative process?
Joe is the main man with the creative side of things but we still jam out and work on song structure as a whole

How would you describe your music to people?
Progressive alt rock with a touch of grunge

Who are your musical influences?
Tool, Shihad, Cog, Pearl Jam, Unwritten Law, Grinspoon

How do you sell your music?
With sync’ed guitar solo’s and catchy Lyrics

Which songs do you perform most frequently?
Giving yourself away seems to be the most popular at the moment…

Do you have a set play list?
No, we usually change it depending on the gig

What has been your biggest challenge as a band?
Getting the right people in the right places with the same goals

What are your long-term goals as musicians?
To be able to one quit our day jobs and do an East Coast Tour, or maybe play a Big Festival

Where can we hear your tunes online?