Green Music Letter from Swaggie

Dear Austep Music,

I was thinking about the music industry and how to make it greener. There are very different ways to look at it depending on your role in the industry.

I think I told you that success is what a lot of people take notice of. That doesn’t necessarily mean financial success because it’s an industry that relies on exposure. The more exposure you get the more people will think you’re successful. Whether or not being green is the main reason for that exposure or just an additional feature might make some difference but the main thing is the exposure.

In terms of your business it sounds like you’re quite successful already… musicians (who generally have greener ideas anyway) are finding you as the greener option. By being the musician’s choice because you’re greener than the other options, you’re making the industry more aware of what it could be doing. You know that though.

Apart from that it’s probably the same as in any other industry. You just have to be innovative and do as much as you can do where ever they let you do it.

Perhaps it’s it as easy as putting that question out there as often as you can? Curiosity is quite powerful.

Good luck mate,