Sound Emissions Interview

Name & Organisation:

Mat Morris, Creator, Sound Emissions




What is the purpose of Sound Emissions?



To assist the entire Australian music community from artists, fans, venues, tour promoters, festival producers and record companies to avoid, reduce and as a last resort offset their carbon emissions.

Why should we green the music industry?








We have heard it so many times that Climate Change is the most pressing environmental issue facing the inhabitants of this planet. Well guess what? It is true. Sure the politicians and the wider business community don’t seem prepared to make the necessary steps to tackle climate but that does not mean that the Australian music community, an industry with a long social and environmental history should not lead the way on this critical issue. By embracing a lower carbon approach across the Australian music community this sector can have a lasting and far reaching influence over millions of fans to change their way of living to one less reliant on fossil fuels and which will ultimately be so much more sustainable. What other industry has this sort of influence?



What’s our biggest challenge in greening the music industry?



Keeping the fire alive. There are so many artists, fans, venues, etc who really work hard to reduce their impact on the environment. However the big challenge is the perception by some that to make a dollar in this industry, environmental initiatives are costly and not part of their core business. Nothing of course could be further from the truth. Environmental programs generally save money and can even open up new opportunities. For example, there are many artists now insisting on playing at venues that have demonstrated environmental initiatives such as solar power panels on the roof or the use of energy efficient production equipment, etc.



What’s the most important step we can take to green the music industry?



There are heaps of things each and every one of us can do no matter where you fit in the Australian music community supply chain. If you are a punter travel to gigs by public transport. Artists should optimise tour routes where possible to avoid excessive kilometres. Venues should be powered by GreenPower. Tour operators should minimise the size of the touring party to reduce emissions. Festival producers should offset unavoidable emissions (i.e. from diesel generators) and record companies should sell their CDs in cardboard sleeves.


There are so many things each of us can do and many of these initiatives are covered at Sound Emissions (


What other green music activities are you involved in?



I currently run a business called the Global Protection Agency which provides a bunch of environmental services to the music industry. Everything from environmental audits, recycling systems through to carbon management, environmental education and sustainability reporting. There are so many cool environmentally aware people in the music industry but there are also a truck load of peeps that need to pick up their game and get real about saving the environment.



My mission is to pull these dudes over to the green side…