The Benefit of Time Management

You’re ambitious, motivated and keen to get your music out there…one of the issues I’m constantly faced with when consulting to individuals and festivals is lack of preparation time.

There’s an adage which holds true in all these cases – “fail to plan and you plan to fail” and you can’t plan effectively if you don’t allow sufficient time.

The less time you allow yourself to organise gigs, prepare your bio or arrange time in the studio the more mistakes you will make and the more stress you are likely to create for yourself [and quite possibly incur unseen costs].

Be realistic – if you’re organising a gig – have you allowed enough time to promote it – have you confirmed you support acts and got all the artwork for printing posters? Have you organised someone to put the posters up – do you need permission to poster?

Do yourself a favour – allow plenty of time to do your research – you may find cheaper printing or car hire options – use the web to your advantage – send emails out requesting quotes…then sit back and collate all the information with the benefit of time and make your decisions at leisure rather than under duress.

Lastly ~ seek advice from others who may have more experience or contacts that can assist you – remember to allow time to make appointments with others who are likely to be busy too – if you’re relaxed things will flow much smoother.

Good luck~!