CD Printing and CD Packaging – 10 Things To Ask Your CD Printer

How much is shipping? $30? $50? $150?
Tip: freight to a business address is usually cheaper than a residential address.

Do they offer cardboard CD packaging?
Tip: CDs are the 2nd biggest polluter in our industry, but, using cardboard CD cases reduce emissions by 95%.

How thick is their stock? Flimsy 200gsm paper, or 410gsm card?
Tip: We recommend at least 400gsm for CD packaging. (Business cards are usually 350gsm).

Do they use recycled &/or sustainable forest stock for CD packaging?
Tip: Some printers will say plantation forest stock is more environmental than recycled stock. This is simply not true.

(If printing Digipaks) Do their trays have ‘teeth’ or a ‘push button’?
Tip: Digipak trays with ‘teeth’ break easily. Push buttons are more durable.

Do they charge for minor artwork corrections?
Tip: Make sure you won’t be charged for minor CD artwork corrections.

How fast is their CD packaging turn around?
Tip: Plan your launch for at least 2 weeks after the printing completion date.

Do they use vegetable based inks?
Tip: Vegetable based inks don’t release VOC’s (unlike traditional inks).

What format do they require for the artwork?
Tip: Ask for CD cover artwork templates to use when designing your art.

What format do they require for the audio master?
Tip: Send a master disc, or a disc image file (DDP), don’t send individual WAV files