Submit Your CD To Gracenote (iTunes)

***Note- this article is about submitting your CD info to the Gracenote database, so iTunes player will display track names etc when someone plays your CD. For info on selling music through the iTunes store, see our Emubands offer.

Most computer software applications that are capable of playing CDs, such as Winamp, Media Go, and iTunes, use Gracenote’s CDDB technology.

When you insert a CD they query the Gracenote database by matching track length etc, and fill in the info for each track on the CD (if its been submitted to their database).

Submitting your new album to the Gracenote database is free through iTunes (although some digital distributors will charge a fee to do it for you).

1. Open iTunes and insert your CD into the computer. (Click “No” when it asks do you want to import the CD)

2. Right click a track name and select “Get Info”.

3. On the “Info” tab, type in track name, artist name, album name, genre and year of release. The “next” button will take you to the next track. Continue until all tracks are titled.

4.Option1 (Old iTunes) – Go to Advanced and click Submit CD Track Names. Fill in the required details. Don’t import your CD yet.

4.Option2 (New iTunes- V11) – In the CD tracklist window you will see a button called “Options”. From this dropdown menu select “Submit CD Track Names” 

5. Wait a week, then place your CD back into a computer with iTunes. It should now fill in all the track/artist details automatically.


*For a more detailed explanation, see here: